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Islamic date is few days ahead or back, how to correct

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Please goto Admin panel>Settings >Xllentech Calendar > Troubleshooting ( For Pro version installed, it would be, Admin Panel -> XllenTech Calendar -> Settings -> Troubleshooting ).
Don’t worry, doing below procedure will not affect anything other than your calendar, which will display error. Your website should continue to display normal.
  1. Check islamic first date for current english month, for example, for October 2018, you should see a line there that has 10, 2018 and 3 more columns. See screenshot below for example, and follow steps..
  2. Note down the row, For example, for October 2018, there should be a row 10, 2018, 22, 1, 1440
  3. Now Click Delete at the end of the row to remove the row
  4. Rewind or forward the number 22 by number of days u want it to go back or ahead, like if ur calendar showing 23 Shaban instead of 20 Shaban ahead, new number would be 3 days less, that is 19.
  5. Now, See blank boxes at the bottom of the table, Enter in empty boxes 10, 2018, 19, 1, 1440 in those columns in same sequence
  6. Click Add
  7. Check Calendar on your website, It should be ok now or if you made mistake, start over and adjust numbers as you need.
Your calendar should display correct dates now.
Feel free to contact for any other question/concern.
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